and lead us into temptation.

and lead us ito temptation. exhibition view @ black flamingo projects• Salvador Dalì
• Günter Fruhtrunk
• Victor Vasarely

opening @ black flamingo:
Wednesday, April 27 2016

April 29 2016 – 12-6pm
April 30 2016 – 12-6pm
May 1 2016    – 12-6pm

with the exhibition and lead us into temptation black flamingo shows artist commissions by the artists Salvador Dalì, Günter Fruhtrunk and Victor Vasarely, special thanks to CFP Brands / Chupa Chups and Ralf Olapinski for the Renault rhombus.

Victor Vasarely for Renault

Victor Vasarely for Renault

Victor Vasarely has won between 1965 and 1967 numerous international art prizes. He has been a participant of documenta 1 (1955), documenta II (1959) and documenta III (1964) as well as the 4. documenta in 1972 in Kassel. In 1972 he developed a new rhombus logo in op-art style for the car manufacturer Renault.

→ translated from Wikipedia

Aldi bag by FruhtrunkGünter Fruhtrunk for Aldi Nord

Günter Fruhtrunk was a 1954 stipendiary of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the french government and moved to Paris. In 1955 he worked with Hans Arp in his artist studio. He had his first solo exhibition in 1960 at the gallery Denise René in Paris and was awarded in 1961 the Prix Jean Arp from Kulturkreis im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie. From 1967 until his death he worked as a Professor at the academy of fine arts in Munich. A constructivist work period was followed by color intensive images of parallel, orthogonal or diagonal, colorful vectors, bundled in stripes.
His work was noticed by a wider audience through his participation at documenta 4.
His most known art work, to date been published in millions, is his 1970 plastic shopping bag for Aldi-Nord.

→ translated from Wikipedia

Chupa Chups by Salvador DaliSalvador Dalì for Chupa Chups

The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by artist Salvador Dalí. Its first marketing campaign was the logo with the slogan “És rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups”, which translates from Catalan as “It’s round and long-lasting”. Later, celebrities like Madonna were hired to advertise. In the 1980s, owing to falling birth rates, an anti-smoking slogan “Smoke Chupa Chups” was tried to attract further adult consumers. The company’s current anti-smoking slogan is “Stop smoking, start sucking”, with their packages parodying cigarette pack designs. Some packages parody the mandatory black and white warning labels of the European Union with the notice “Sucking does not kill.

→ cited from Wikipedia

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black flamingo @ FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin