<h3>Je pense à toi Charlotte</h3>

Je pense à toi Charlotte

opening on january 27 2024
from 5:30pm
additional opening hours (tue-sun)
january 28 2024
june 23 2024
11am to 6 pm
a part of the event “remembering for the future”

Lounge des Museums
Museum Lichtenberg
Türrschmidtstraße 24
10317 Berlin

remembering for the future
Day of Remembrance for the Victims of National Socialism and exhibition “Je pense à toi Charlotte”
On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Lichtenberg district office of Berlin invites you to it’s annual light campaign. Under the motto “Remembering for the future”, the projection of over 300 names onto the gable wall of the museum will begin at 5 pm. These are the names of Jews expelled and murdered from Lichtenberg and Hohenschönhausen. The names can be read until the early hours of January 28.

<h3>landschaft. erinnerung</h3>

landschaft. erinnerung

opening on january 26 2024
from 7pm
additional opening hours (mon-fri)
january 29 2024
may 15 2024
10am to 6 pm

project website:

galerie für zeitgenössische kunst
10365 berlin

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Bezirksamtes Lichtenberg von Berlin, der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt und dem Ausstellungsfonds Kommunale Galerien.

<h3>flowers<br />by Eva Beth</h3>

by Eva Beth

opening on april 21 2023
from 7pm
additional opening hours
april 23 2023
4pm to 7 pm
april 30 2023
11am to 6pm

black flamingo
@ fahrbereitschaft
10365 berlin

<h3>Culture Map Lichtenberg<br />by black flamingo</h3>

Culture Map Lichtenberg
by black flamingo

black flamingo developed the concept for this Website together with the cultural department of Berlin Lichtenberg to let inhabitants, visitors and tourists discover the cultural places in Lichtenberg. Use the interactive map for an overview of the diverse cultural landscape with theatres, galleries, libraries and exhibitions and an event calendar, discover one of the suggested tours, suggest additional locations or use the embed-code generator to display one or more location DSGVO-proof on your own website.

<h3>jardin partagé<br>by eva beth / skall</h3>

jardin partagé
by eva beth / skall

on display @ black flamingo:
photo by eva beth / skall.
jardin partagée

opening hours @ FAHRBEREITSCHAFT
berlin art week
15. – 19.9.2021, 14 – 18 uhr
Haubrok foundation is showing
Judith Hopf / Luft

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<h3>Marcel Schwittlick<br>Never Change A Running System</h3>

Marcel Schwittlick
Never Change A Running System

A custom built rotational mechanism is mounted from the ceiling, spinning a collection of Apple Macbooks in a centrifugal way. The circular movement is constant and hypnotising in itself, providing a sense of stillness and calm.
october 2 2020 – 6-9pm
open doors:
october 3 2020 – 12-6pm
october 4 2020 – 12-6pm

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