<h3>Niemand kommt, alle sind dabei</h3>

Niemand kommt, alle sind dabei

Solidarity Festival for Independent Berlin-Based Artists and Culture Makers Facing Extreme Financial Hardship.
black flamingo was responsible for the visual concept of Niemand kommt.

On July 31, 2020, Niemand kommt, an enormous festival, will take place in Berlin where a stunning number of independent artists and culture makers working in all disciplines will take part – by not showing up. During the coronavirus pandemic, many freelance artists and culture makers have been unable to earn money and pay their living costs. This is why we’re turning to you: Show your solidarity! Buy tickets for Niemand kommt, Berlin’s (non) event of the year, and don’t show up!

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<h3>Florian Slotawa<br>Stuttgart Sichten</h3>

Florian Slotawa
Stuttgart Sichten

Underlying the exhibition project Stuttgart Sichten (Viewing Stuttgart) are the highly topical questions of how museums deal with their collections today, how they can innovatively present them, and how to successfully balance traditional methods of art education with contemporary formats of presenting art to spark curiosity.

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<h3>Tomás Saraceno<br>ON AIR</h3>

Tomás Saraceno

ON AIR proposes a space and time that makes manifest the forces and entities that float in the air, and their interactions with us: from CO2 to cosmic dust, from radio infrastructures to reimagined corridors of mobility. Thus, the invisible histories that compose the ecologies we are part of invite us to poetically rethink different ways of inhabiting the world – and of being human.

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Karin SanderLa Vache Qui Rit

Karin Sander
La Vache Qui Rit

Following the creations of Hans-Peter Feldmann in 2014, Thomas Bayrle in 2015, Jonathan Monk in 2016, and Wim Delvoye in 2017, Lab’Bel has selected German conceptual artist Karin Sander to design the 5th Collector’s Edition Box in 2018.

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<h3>Sebastian Acker<br>Ennis House</h3>

Sebastian Acker
Ennis House

4’00″ video with sound, 2018 (ongoing)
Tuesday, April 24 2018
April 27 2018 – 12-6pm
April 28 2018 – 12-6pm
April 29 2018 – 12-6pm

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<h3>Joel Tauber<br>Sick-Amour</h3>

Joel Tauber

My Lonely Tree. 183 x 152 cm lightjet print & video
September 12 2017 | 7-9pm
artweek special
September 15 2017 | 7–9pm
September 16 2017 | 12–6pm
September 17 2017 | 12–6pm

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<h3>Alex Chinneck<br>for Vauxhall Motors</h3>

Alex Chinneck
for Vauxhall Motors

First installed on London’s Southbank in 2015, ‘Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together’ sees the artist suspend a Vauxhall Corsa, 15 feet in the air. The gravity defying feat can be found on Sheffield Road, Tinsley, just a short walk alongside the canal until 17th September 2017.

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<h3>Mario Fischer</h3>

Mario Fischer

Mario Fischer – how time flies
opening April 23 2017
additional opening:
gallery weekend special

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